2002, If Tropes, Kluwer Academic Publishers. 

2002, If Tropes, Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Reviewed in e.g., in Mind, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, Metaphysica, Polish Journal of Philosophy (pp. 151f.), and Theoria (pp. 277f.).

Edited Volumes

2005, Risk och det levande mänskliga, A.-S. Maurin, I. Brinck, J. Persson & S. Halldén, eds., Nora: Nya Doxa.

2007, Filosofins Nytta, special issue of Insikt och Handling, 22, A.-S. Maurin, D. Egonsson & J. Persson, eds.

2018, special issue of Filosofisk Tidskrift, A-S Maurin and S. Radovic, eds.


2019 (when I turned 50) Tobias Hansson Wahlberg and Robin Stenwall put together this festschrift:

Here’s a picture of me feeling overwhelmed, deeply honored, and a bit embarassed (note that the book has the same cover as the fabulous painting by my father – Jean-Louis Maurin – that I was also gifted on that unforgettable day!).