If you want to see/hear me give a talk, here are your options…untitled2

First, here is me at the Collège de France in 2012 talking at a “Metaphysics and Science” symposiom organized by Claudine Tiercelin.

Next, a recording of me giving a talk titled “In Defense of Serious Metaphysics” at a workshop on Metaphysics and Method, organized by Alessandro Torza at the London IP, May 2014.

And here I am at a workshop on grounding in Edinburgh (2015).

Finally, this is me giving the panel talk in metaphysics at ECAP 9, 2017 in Munich.


If you know Swedish:

an interview for the podcast “om filosofers liv och tankar” (produced by Martin Jönsson and Fredrik Eriksson) from 2017,

… a short interview on “filosofins nytta” from 2014, and

an interview for Swedish radio (a program called “Forskarliv” (the life of a researcher)) from 2015.

I have also appeared several times on the Swedish radio show “Filosofiska Rummet” (The Philosophy Room). Here are some links to a few of those programs…

Bertrand Russell (with Sven-Ove Hansson and Fredrik Stjernberg). From 2019.

Kant eller Kvant (me together with neuroscientist Germund Hesslow and theoretical physicist Bengt E Y Svensson). From 2012.

Universum, döden, och den logiska analysen (with Nils-Eric Sahlin). From 2010.

Felslut (with Anders Sigrell and Andreas Anundi). From 2009.

Metafysik i 2000-talet (just me). From 2009.