If you want to see/hear me give a talk, here are your options…untitled2

First, here is me at the Collège de France in 2012 talking at a “Metaphysics and Science” symposiom organized by Claudine Tiercelin.

Next, a recording of me giving a talk titled “In Defense of Serious Metaphysics” at a workshop on Metaphysics and Method, organized by Alessandro Torza at the London IP, May 2014.

And here I am at a workshop on grounding in Edinburgh (2015).

This is me giving the panel talk in metaphysics at ECAP 9, 2017 in Munich.

And this is me, talking about my Cambridge Elements in Metaphysics book(let) on properties with JP Wehry in his podcast Chasing Leviathan (August 2022).


If you know Swedish:

a podcast where I and Matti Eklund talk about metaphysics with the show’s producers Olle Risberg and Nils Sylvan (Filosofisk podcast) from 2022.

an interview for the podcast “om filosofers liv och tankar” (produced by Martin Jönsson and Fredrik Eriksson) from 2017,

… a short interview on “filosofins nytta” from 2014, and

an interview for Swedish radio (a program called “Forskarliv” (the life of a researcher)) from 2015.

I have also appeared several times on the Swedish radio show “Filosofiska Rummet” (The Philosophy Room). Here are some links to a few of those programs…

Bertrand Russell (with Sven-Ove Hansson and Fredrik Stjernberg). From 2019.

Kant eller Kvant (me together with neuroscientist Germund Hesslow and theoretical physicist Bengt E Y Svensson). From 2012.

Universum, döden, och den logiska analysen (with Nils-Eric Sahlin). From 2010.

Felslut (with Anders Sigrell and Andreas Anundi). From 2009.

Metafysik i 2000-talet (just me). From 2009.