Currently active networks of which I am a member include…

The Nordic Network in Metaphysics: I, together with Matti Eklund, am one of the founding members of the Nordic Network in Metaphysics, an informal network of those philosophers in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden) that have an interest in metaphysics. Apart from creating platforms (a website, a facebook page, a twitter feed) spreading the word about metaphysics-related events organized in the Nordic countries, the network aims to arrange one meeting per year, democratically rotating the responsibility of organisation between the Nordic countries. So far, the network has had two meetings (one in Uppsala, and one in Kristiansand). Our next meeting (2017) will be in Finland, and the year after that (2018), I and Gothenburg do the organizing.

The Metaphysics & Collectivity Group: I am one of the founding members of the Metaphysics and Collectivity group, an interdisciplinary research group with the goal of creating a single platform for philosophical research on the nature of social and institutional reality. So far the group has organized a number of workshops and two major conferences (Social Complexes 1 and Social Complexes 2). Aug 30-Sep 1, the group organizes the fifth ENSO-conference in Lund (website here).