I supervise theses in metaphysics and metametaphysics, broadly construed.

I was the assistant supervisor (together with Nils-Eric Sahlin) for Tobias Hansson Wahlberg, who finished his thesis “Objects in Time: Studies of Persistence in B-time” in 2009.

I was the main supervisor for Ylwa Sjölin Wirling, who finished her thesis “Modal Empiricism Made Difficult: An Essay in the Meta-Epistemology of Modality” february 2019.

I am at present the main-supervisor for PhD student Maximilian Zachrau (who is writing a thesis on issues in process ontology). I am also the main-supervisor for Susanna Salmijärvi (who is writing her thesis on constitution in social ontology). Susanna is currently on a break from her PhD-studies. I was the second supervisor for Matteo Iammarrone 2020-2022.