Over the years, I’ve taught classes on most topics reasonably characterized as ‘in theoretical philosophy’. This semester (Fall 2018), I co-teach a 2nd semester course in Metaphysics (FT1200). I am also the creator and examiner of two electable reading course – one on tropes and one in metaontology – for students on the BA- and MA-levels.

Fall 2018

FT1200 Metaphysics (with Ylwa Sjölin Wirling & Alexander Skiles)

Course introducing the student to analytic metaphysics. First and second part of course (led by myself and Alexander Skiles) treats as couple of issues perhaps best described as in metametaphysics, including issues to do with the possibility of metaphysics, and how best to do metaphysics (given that we have decided we can do it). Readings include: Carnap, Quine, and Schaffer. Final part of course treats a selection of issues in 1st order metaphysics, including issues to do with the nature and existence of concrete objects, of properties, and of time. The course also briefly discusses issues in so-called modal metaphysics, especially the modal realism of David Lewis.


FT1300/Advanced level Electable reading-courses (open to students on the BA- and MA-levels):

This semester, apart from coordinating and being partly responsible for examining a course titled God(s) and Fundamentality, led by prof. Ricki Bliss (more information here), I am responsible for the following electable reading courses.



Metaontology (7,5 hp): course that introduces the student to the metaontological debate, both in its historical Quine/Carnap guise and in its more recent incarnations.





Tropes (7,5 hp): course that gives a general introduction to the so-called ‘theory of tropes’, and then lets the student choose whether to focus on issues to do with the simplicity of tropes, the (in)dependence of tropes, or the nature of tropes.