Over the years, I’ve taught classes on most topics reasonably characterized as ‘in theoretical philosophy’.

This semester (Spring 2023), I teach:

(with Felix Larsson and John Eriksson) FG1010 Analytisk Filosofi (Analytic Philosophy) (this course it tought entirely online) (7,5 hp)

(with Felix Larsson) FT1100 Tidig analytisk filosofi (Early Analytic Philosophy) (7,5 hp).

(with Ana María Mora Marquez) FT1100 Kunskapsteori (Epistemology) (7,5 hp).

FT1200 Metafysik (Metaphysics) (7,5 hp).

I also give the introduction lecture for first timers in theoretical philosophy, as well as lead a thesis writing seminar, give a couple of electable courses for students on the BA- and advanced levels in liberal arts, theoretical and practical philosophy, and supervise theses on the MA- and BA-levels.