About Me

My name is Anna-Sofia Maurin. Since 2012, I am the professor of Theoretical Philosophy at the University of Gothenburg. I studied at Lund University where I got my PhD in 2002 and became a docent in 2009. Previous research was primarily focussed on issues to do with tropes and the metaphysics of properties generally. Present research focuses on issues in meta- and metametaphysics, including questions to do with fundamentality, infinite regress, and understanding the distinction between vicious and benign regress, as well as questions to do with ontological justification, truthmaking, grounding and, in particular, metaphysical explanation. Recently I have also ventured into the field of social ontology, with a special focus on (social metaphysical) explanation and the distinction between the real and the unreal.

When I’m not working, I enjoy hanging out with this guy and crazy (a.k.a. our son).